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12:40 17 April in Quotes

— “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~ Nelson Mandela
12:38 17 April in Quotes

— “No action is small when it comes to changing the world. I’m inspired when I meet an entrepreneur who is succeeding against all odds.” ~ Cyril Ramaphosa

Business Continuity in Times of the Plague

12:26 17 April in Business by rds_bve1234@

Business Continuity in Times of the Plague This is a great article on the importance of business continuity plans and some of the scenario's companies should be planning for in these difficult and challenging times we are currently in and probably will be in for at...

buying tomorrow

Buying Tomorrow

14:41 02 August in Technology by rds_bve1234@

Buying Tomorrow There is a seismic and very fundamental shift in consumer loyalty from brand to service – a key insight that came out of a global consumer mindset study by Salmon, a Wunderman commerce company. As the demand for digital services grows shoppers are becoming...

14:40 02 August in Quotes

— “Physical retail is no longer simply a product distribution strategy – it’s a customer acquisition strategy for which there is an inherent and attributable return of value.” – Doug Stephens, The Retail Prophet

Ready for a Range Reset?

10:56 01 August in Retail Stores by rds_bve1234@

Ready for a Range Reset? Pick n Pay announced at a CEO forum meeting they will be embarking on a “Range Reset” process. This looks, feels and sounds very similar to the process Tesco have implemented over the last 4 years. The premise being that a...

14:33 25 July in Quotes

— “There is strategic value in knowledge. There is however far greater value in knowledge honed by hands-on experience and having competed in the amphitheatre of retail.” ~ Retail Development Services